Nomadic Shepherds

Shepherding is one of the first honest professions in human history and it will likely be one of the last.  When people start to realize they cannot depend on the economic system because it has been made to fall like a house of cards, they’ll start trying to lead self-sufficient lives.  Becoming a modern-day shepherd/shepherdess will be the quickest, most affordable way to provide themselves with the staples such as; milk, butter, cheese, meat and warm wool clothing/housing.  Shepherding will soon become recognized once again as the most eco, self-sufficient and sustainable way of making a living.

The Shepherding Movement will also be empowered by the emergent Do-It-Yourself Culture including these DIY inventions;

1. Urban shepherding is now possible with sanitary poop-cups that simply attach with a human hairclip!


2. Wearable, Wool Tipis and other lightweight inventions will help shepherds travel lighter.

3. The World’s Smallest Survival Guide will provide the most portable wild edible plant information AND a job for anyone who wants to print them out and sell/trade them!  Click this link to print!

4. Wild edible plant maps will help people learn to sustainably support their own local diet AND provide a job for everybody that wants to make them, print and sell them!(pdf maps coming soon!)

5. Wikicurrency and other local, alternative currencies will help facilitate trade after the SHTF.




Everything that has value in this world can be divided into one of three categories; goods, services and information.  Information is already the most valuable thing in the world and DIY, sustainability and survival knowledge will only become more and more valuable as economies decline.  So trading this information-based alternative currency is a way for everyone in a community to “cross-train” eachother to the point where everyone knows how to make, bake, grow or sew everything it is that they need!  Additionally, these exchange boards can be easily set up in a monitored environment(inside printshops work well) to help facilitate the trading of goods and services in the form of a simple IOU!  Print the blank dollars here, print the survival related info dollars here,  1st wild edible plant dollars here,  2nd wild edible plant dollars here, inspirational quote dollars here and then the Gift Exchange Board here to be able to put them up in your local printshop or coffeeshop and get your community familiarized with using them before the shtf!

6. Sleep Slip dollars are another “denomination” of Wikicurrency that will empower people to address the homelessness problem in their own community and start solving it themselves!  Please print Sleep Slips out here!


Sleep Slip dollars are a very simple and efficient solution to the homelessness problem! These Sleep Slips give regular citizens the opportunity to proactively solve homelessness by gifting permission for a homeless person to simply “be” on your porch, in your backyard, garage or even behind your business during your non-operating hours.(providing you with free security and the homeless with a night-watchmen job!)  These Sleep Slips also have a space for the Host to specify the times and dates that the individual is allowed to be there, so there’s no confusion!  If the homeless guest meets the host’s expectations of behavior then the offer may be extended, or the offer may be made “null and void” at the host’s discretion as the Sleep Slips clearly state.  People can print them out and give them to a homeless individual to help them where they need it most, a good night’s sleep/recharge!  Some people think that giving money to homeless will be spent on alcohol or drugs, so this is a perfect solution for those people!  Homeless individuals can also print these and hand them out to the people that stop to talk with them. If the homeless individual doesn’t put any pressure on the person, but simply asks them to consider talking it over with their spouse, roommates or landlord then we have found it to increase our return rates!  Print Sleep Slips out here and share this very simple homelessness solution through your social network today!

7. The solution to homelessness is to make “community work-trade houses”

Back in 2011, dozens of Ashland homeless protested against camping tickets by camping right on the downtown plaza!  From our protest many began working together on a project called  The project was based on the idea that in order to integrate the homeless back into society you can not start by physically segregating them into boxed shelters, encampments or even tiny-villages because that’s not what the rest of society lives in!  They deduced that if society wanted to truly integrate homeless back into society then they would have to start by actually, physically integrating us into what is now known as “scattered-site housing”.  The homeless protesters also decided that staying in these different case-specific locations(females only, veterans only, co-ed, etc) would be most appreciated by the homeless and the community if the homeless guests were required to do “community work-trade”, contributing anything positive(that is the key) that the homeless person is passionate about contributing to the community they are staying!  The neighbors and community at large would fund the rent/mortgage and then have the right to help manage it by walking in whenever they wanted to “chaperone” or ad something to their free help request board inside.  Essentially,  an all-around help house that benefits everyone in the an unselfish commune or a commune turned inside-out!

Recently I had to migrate that website into the pdf files below because I don’t have enough money to keep it up right now as an official site.. this is a really sustainable solution to the world-wide homelessness problem if you get a chance to check out our old website in the links below.
Homefree Hostels description page from old website
Homefree Hostels host houses page from old website
Homefree Hostels services for community page from old website
Homefree Hostels publicity page from old website
Homefree Hostels ways to help page from old website
Homefree Hostels homepage from old website

8. The World hunger solution..
Vegans like to talk about the statistics that show how land can be utilized to grow grain that can directly feed many more humans than if that land were used to feed cattle and then those cattle fed to fewer humans.  So vegans site that you can feed many times more people by using the land to grow food directly for vegetarian human diets than to grow food for meat-eaters.  Well, we’re here to expand upon this idea that you could actually feed MANY more people if you used that same parcel of land to not grow anything? If you instead just let dairy sheep or goats graze what’s already there, then you can utilize their milk daily, utilize the meat from the abundance of male rams seasonally, keep nutrients in the soil with compost-ready pellets to keep the land fertile generationally and you also don’t have to expend any energy(or gasoline) “toiling” the soil or even wasting any water!

“You can toil soil and wait longer to reap, or you can turn what’s already there into milk with a sheep!”

Another World hunger solution is to map out each communities supply of already existing food resource via the wild edible plants along with fruit and nut trees! After 4 years of walking around Ashland, Oregon we were able to map out hundreds of publicly available fruit and nut trees along with thousands more wild edible ground plants!  We have also documented the secret spring water outlets around town to provide clean drinking water for the residence of Ashland if people let SHTF?

9. Rehabilitation Solution.
We offer a free drug/alcohol/civilization rehab that is held in the peace and quiet of nature! It takes 3 weeks for all blood cells in the body to replace themselves and the blood holds the “feeling memory” of addiction that causes urge.  So if you’re able to stay away from a bad habit for at least 3 weeks you will gain a “higher level” of self control over it.  All addictions hold memory of all the others by association so if you want to quit drinking/drugs/civilization, it helps to at first quit all other addictions; sexual, dietary and speaking habits included! That is why we go out into the woods, commit to silent interactions and fast on raw goat/sheep milk and wild edibles for up to 40 day lengths wherein the participants may leave when they want.

Our Current Needs/Wishlist;

* Keep your money, we want real change!

* For you to get a dairy sheep or goat to help your community’s food sustainability most efficiently.  If you don’t have space, you can still buy a couple of them to put in a friend’s yard and then you can both share the milk! 

* Host my sheep and I in your front or back yard and my sheep will magically mow over-night!

* Help share our hopeful ideas and pdf files!  Help us organize/write some other ideas into the hopeful book about/for our collective future!!

Please feel free to contact us at;


The ever-possible “jobs” that modern-day shepherds will be able to contribute to the communities in which they travel through include, but are not limited to;
• helping communities start a map of all the wild edible/medicinal plants along with the fruit/nut trees in their town.
• helping community councels update their “urban livestocking” laws to allow for backyard dairy sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits, bees, etc.
• offering to breed their dairy rams and also gifting baby lambs to help start a dairy-sheep gene pool in each community.
• helping neighborhoods establish weekly potlucks in their parks that are then followed by a consensus decision-making process to teach communities how to manage themselves after the SHTF.
• distributing our “wallet-sized survival guides” and “InfoCurrency” in communitues to quickly educate them in sustainability, survival and the new Do-It-Yourself ways.
• helping communities establish “Gift Exchange Boards” to facilitate bartering after the dollar collapses and is no longer valuable.
• helping give workshops to start a regular Free School in the park.
• helping communities establish a Tool Library, a network of citizens who loan out tools to the other people in their community.
• helping addicts with free rehab support out in the woods between communities.
• helping communities establish “community work-trade houses” where the homeless can sleep at night and in exchange provide free labor for the community!
• teaching “Peace Fighting”, our new Martial heArt(more on this later)
• distributing kefir grains to enable inoculation and preservation of any food.
• helping manage the weeds that grow up through the city streets and sidewalks.
• providing free lawn mowing/fire hazard maintenance to citizens who let us sleep in their backyard or vacant lot for the night!(when the economy collapses and gas is unavailable, people won’t be able to mow their lawns and their yards will become a HUGE in-town fire hazard..especially since everyone will be having to cook by fire in the same yard!)