Nomadic Shepherds



My name’s Aaron and I’ve been a homeless activist since 2006 and have been homeless while living with miniature goats and/or dairy sheep since 2014.  I’m working to promote dairy sheep as the most efficient and sustainable way for humans to provide themselves with food, clothing and shelter.  Sheep milk/cheese is so nutritionally complete that an adult human being can easily live off of a half gallon of sheep milk, a couple handfuls of wild edible plants, some fruit and a handful of nuts a day!

“You can toil soil and wait longer to reap,
or you can turn what’s already there into milk with a sheep!”

I encourage others to consider getting a dairy sheep with a clip-on poop cup or a miniature dairy goat instead of getting a pet dog, because these pets not only feed themselves but they also feed you!

“You can buy a dog and a mower and have to feed them both their fuel,
or you can just get a goat that mows and it’s milk will feed you!”