Nomadic Shepherds


First Flock 

Shepherd: Aaron Fletcher 

Sheep:(currently)Penny, daughter JC and Buddy img_0064My name’s Aaron and I’ve been a homeless activist since 2006 and homeless while living with miniature goats and/or dairy sheep since 2014. Originally i was part of a small group that met to rewrite Ashland, Oregon’s “Urban Livestocking Laws”, allowing citizens with regular-sized backyards to have 2 miniature dairy goats among many other animals.  Once goats were made legal i began promoting it to everybody to get some food sustainability in-town.  After 6 months of promotion nobody had talked about making any moves to get some goats so i printed flyers for an “Ashland Goat Share”..

..and handed them out until i got 2 yards that were interested in trying it out for at least one month.  I saved change from telling “jokes and inspirational quotes for a quarter” on the street and bought my first 2 little dairy goats off Craigslist for $150. Well long story short, almost all the yards backed out before their one month commitment so that i was walking my goats around more and more..for a couple years!?  A year and half  later I ended up worktrading on a sheep farm and started becoming more interested in dairy sheep than dairy goats because;

-dairy sheep grow faster than meat goats do!

-their milk is almost twice as nutritious with 4x the B12

-their milk is almost twice as sweet as goat!

-their lanolin is converted by UV light into vitamin D3 and added to store milk!

-their lanolin is a natural moisturizing, antimicrobial oil!

-they are much easier keepers than goats 😉

-they are quieter!

-they mow the lawn better than goats.

-they have another byproduct called wool.

So I’m now working to promote dairy sheep as the most efficient and sustainable way for humans to provide themselves with food, clothing and shelter.  Sheep milk/cheese is so nutritionally complete that an adult human being can easily live off of a half gallon of sheep milk, a couple handfuls of wild edible plants, some fruit and a handful of nuts a day!

“You can toil soil and wait longer to reap,
or you can turn what’s already there into milk with a sheep!” 

“You can buy a dog and a mower and have to feed them both their fuel,
or you can just get a goat that mows and it’s milk will feed you!”


Aaron and Sheeps’ current Wishlist; Keep your money, we want real change! 

*For you to get a dairy sheep or goat to help your community’s food sustainability in the most efficient way.  If you don’t have space of your own, you can still buy a couple of them to put in a friend or neighbor’s yard and then you both share the wool, meat, milk, butter and cheese! 

* Help share our hopeful pdf files and ideas that you see on this website while you still can!  Help us improve these projects and organize/write some of our other ideas into a hopeful book?

* Tmobile phone cards are needed monthly so there will be data/minutes on this phone so that i can post on this blog for you!(all you have to do is email me the number on back of the card!) 

* raw or washed wool so i can felt a warm, portable home for us this winter!


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