Nomadic Shepherds


Q: Can I pet your sheep!?

A: Sorry but we have really bad poison oak!   We never wash our wool with soap because we don’t want to wash out it’s natural waterproofing lanolin.  So our poison ok run-ins tend to build up on us.  Also, our way of living without fences depends on my sheep keeping their natural fear so that they stay close to me when they are grazing.  I don’t socialize them with peoples’ dogs either so that they maintain a healthy fear of wild dogs and predators.

Q: What are your sheeps’ names?

A: Penny, JC and Buddy

Q: Where do you guys live?
A: We live where we are alive!

Q: Where are you from?
A: We’re from the planet Youreon!

Q: Are sheep good pets like a dog?

A:  They are better than dogs!(imho) They come when I call them by their name, they know to stop whatever they are doing when I say “No”, they know how to laydown on command and how to stand still when being milked!  They also follow me like a puppy dog everywhere I go!

Q: Why can’t you just get a job?!                       A: This IS our job!  It’s our way of making a living to directly obtain what we need(food, clothing/shelter, entertainment) instead of working a job for money and then spending that money on what we need to live.  I enjoy making this direct living for myself more than any job I’ve ever had working for a boss!