Nomadic Shepherds


Q: Can I pet your sheep!?

A: I’m sorry but unfortunately no, our way of living is absolutely dependent on them trusting and therefore following only me.  I don’t socialize them with peoples’ dogs either so that they maintain a healthy fear of wild dogs and predators.

Q: What are your sheeps’ names?

A: Penny, Thank Ewe, Rambo, JC, Buddy and Hopi

Q: Where do you guys live?
A: Our home is where we rest our head.

Q: Where are you from?
A: We’re from the planet Youron!

Q: Are they good pets like a dog?

A:  They are better than dogs!(imho) They come when I call them by their name, they know to stop whatever they are doing when I say “No”, they know how to laydown on command and how to stand still when being milked!  They also follow me like a puppy dog everywhere I go!

Q: Why can’t you just get a job?!                       A: This IS our job!  It’s our way of making a living to directly obtain what we need(food, clothing/shelter, entertainment) instead of working a job for money and then spending that money on what we need to live.  I enjoy it more than any job I’ve ever had, hands down!