Nomadic Shepherds

Our Other Services

Shepherd/Shepherdess Apprenticeship

Now that my second ewe is in-milk I have enough milk to support the diet of an apprentice who is interested in shepherding their own dairy sheep in the future.  Inquire within.

Free Sheeps’ Milk

Right now my 2 ewes are “in-milk” producing more than i can drink by myself so we’re offering to milk into the jar of anybody who wants to try sheeps’ milk with it’s superior taste and nutrition!  Just ask if you see us walking in your community or contact me and bring your own jar!

Sheeps’ Mowing Service

The Sheeps offer a FREE “over-night” mowing service!  Please feel free to contact us ahead of time with any of your questions if you are interested in watching your lawn be grazed down peacefully by sheep instead of listening to it get mowed up by machines!

Free Wool Shearings

I hand shear sheep, alpaca and llama for free in exchange for getting to keep the wool fleeces!  Book us in advance!
Free Wool Felting Workshops

I offer primitive wool felting workshops to the communities which i travel through, walking my pet dairy sheeps!  Everything from shearing the sheep with old fashioned hand-shears, to tightening up the edges of your felt garments, I will lead a wool felting workshop in your community for free in exchange for getting to keep the groups’ finished felt product. Each felt piece will then go toward making my little herd’s winter shelter; a 6foot felt geodesic dome home!  Person(s) wishing to organize a felting workshop in their community need only to procure a minimum 10lbs of dry raw wool and an indoor location to hold the event!

Please feel free to text me (323) 739-4954 with any questions 🙂

Cafe De Nature

The Sheeps offer the very finest of dining experiences in the peacefullness of nature and serving 100% local and wild-crafted culinary dishes!  

Really fresh wild edible plant salads with homeless-made dressings and aged sheep cheeses grated over perfection!

-Cream of Dandelion Soup with Soft Nettle Cheese

-Stirfry wild edible veggies with aged sheep cheese

-Sheep Cheesecake sweetened with honey

-Puffed wild grain cereal, honey and sheeps’ milk

-more items added to the menu soon!

Free Dairy Ram Breeding

I have a dairy ram(50%East Friesian/50%Awassi) who i am offering to have breed with your flock for free!  Contact me here.

Free Permaculture Consultations
I live permaculture, I can help you manage your land in more sustainable ways.  Just invite us over to take a look at your land and I will describe the most efficient and sustainable way that I see to use your land!